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Originally Posted by spacemonkey1112
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Spacemonkey: That was a very good review. Thanks a lot. I ended up picking up a 50mm 1.8 for $80 used. Will be getting it sometimes this week.
no problem buddy! enjoy her! her build maybe plastic but if you put enough practice into controlling the focus at f/1.8, you will love your images and convince yourself to move up the ladder to a f/1.4 hahaha but dang 80?! good deal hahaha back in 2007 I remember it being 80 new but the price has raise to i think 130? Im not too sure what lens prices are now, I just know its more sadly
This will be my first prime lens even though I have been shooting for 5 years. Prime lens just feels like trash. Feels like a huge downgrade to my $1000 wide angle lens but the photos that come out from prime lens is beautiful.

Next on the list would be a 85mm 1.4 if I fall in love with this prime.