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Originally Posted by Darth One View Post
I also thought that larger rotors and calipers = better stopping distance. my primary reason for thinking this is that I have another car that comes with massive rotors/calipers from the factory and both braking feel and stopping distance are much better than the M. well, that and an intuitive sense that the bigger the patch making contact and causing friction, the better the deceleration.

I'm willing to be corrected though. personally, I would pay BBK prices if it meant better stopping distance on the street (trackability a plus of course)
As long as the stock brakes have the capability to lock the tires (as the M3's brakes do), you will not see shortened braking distance with a BBK for a single stop. Of course, as noted above, for repeated stops where heat dissipation is a problem (such as track driving), then a BBK is definitely worth it. IMO, a BBK is a complete waste of $$$ for street driving. My $0.02.