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Originally Posted by kiwistu
Hi David

Perfect garage I reckon, 335d + an M3! And I thought I was qualified to comment :-)

As per my post, the 335d isn't faster than an M3 in general, however I did find this stat: 4.0 sec verses 4.4 for 80-120, and I am sure you'd agree the 335d is outrageous when it comes to impression any how.

If you look at that link - the 80-120kph at 4.4 seconds for the m3 was in-gear at 4th gear, which would have been a less optimal gear for horsepower than 3rd. Therefore - the stock M3 in third gear from 80-120 kph probably would have been faster than 4.0 sec's (although that 4.0 time for 335d was still pretty impressive).

And btw - I have an E93 and have had several loaner 335d's - my E93 is definitely quicker as long as you're using the correct gears. 0-60 and quarter mile times for e93 are also faster than for 335d, even though E93 weighs 4145 lbs vs 3825 for 335d - horsepower is obviously mire important for acceleration than torque.