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Originally Posted by db71 View Post
They rent space in MHT's building and the wheels are machined on MHT's machines. They can walk out of there part of the facility at any given moment and see what is being machined.

I think attacking the issue that they do not machine there own wheels is a dead horse. HRE although they machine there own centers does not manufacture the rim halves or make the raw forging. But they carry a large inventory so if there is an issue like this it can be handled quickly.

The issue here is WHY the failure and how it is handled.

Is the failure due to an engineering issue?

Why does it take so long to recieve a replacement part and could this process moved along faster with a order for more than 1 or 2 parts.
Don't make light of that fact HRE has their own facilities and machines all their wheels in house. This is a HUGE difference. Separate the pretenders from the contenders. ADV's spamming of all internet forums does seem to sell wheels.