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Originally Posted by mC.NaMMeR View Post
ZHP Knob
Don't mind the picture he has for the ad. I've messaged him asking about it and he said it's an old pic and he says the actual job is better. I also asked a member on here how it was and he said it was good too. LeatherZ sells them too but I didn't want to spend $180 for it.
$180? Try $290! Andy is charging an additional $115 if he has to supply the shift pattern. If you want oem connector, that's another $25 bringing the total up to $315! Then add $8 for shipping...$323!!!

I ruined one last week...kind of...I can do this, just don't have the right tools. I am setting up a drill press and will be able to knock these out and maybe sell them to the community for a small charge. Let me see how long it takes and I'll report back.