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Originally Posted by huyner328 View Post
Really? You should take those fingers of yours and use the search function to look at the number of times I've mentioned my side job OUT OF CONTEXT. Truly sorry you're butthurt from my comments about Mate. I'm old and I am quite humored that you think good looking girls go to Mate. Maybe in the early 2000s it was poppin', I see better looking girls regularly at my Harris Teeter.
Oh right, you're the guy who offers club entry for favors. I'm not butt hurt, Some days I'm in Georgetown 5 days a week, and many times in the evenings. Mate is not a regular spot for me, but certainly, if you've been, it's a great mixing bowl. Maybe one of the reasons why you orignally wanted to partner with them...I don't know.

I don't care to search your side busines, your examples shed enough light on the situation . And, talking about "poopin in early 2000s" you threw Lima into the mix. Talk about calling the kettle black. For a person in the 'industry' I would have hoped for better spots to be suggested.