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Originally Posted by DLSJ5 View Post
No power adders I know of, except 200 CEL cats and supersprint exhaust, it's DCT for sure, it's very difficult to see shifts on the DCT, but if you know approx where they are you can detect them. He shifted 3 times. At times you can detect one more easily sometimes not, if the G's completely drop that helps. The program used in the first graph has thicker lines so that shift was easily more detectable with that program when you look at the speed and the scaling has an effect too at times.

With the Racelogic program, it's almost undetectable when you look at speed, but you do see the G's drop, other DCT graphs show G's dropping like this on shifts as well, at times they don't.

With Vbox tools it's a little easier to see that one shift you are talking about with a different scaling.

I told you the car felt crazy fast during the run and now that I am reading the grpahs from 2nd to 3rd gear car was pulling in excess of 1G!!!
As for the drop when I shifted from 4th to 5th there might have been a small slipping invloved or even possibly hitting the limiter for a split second as I was in manual!
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