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Originally Posted by kevin @ eas View Post
The are numerous variables that can can affect the final outcome.

- Do people ride in the back?
- Road conditions such as steep driveways, speed bumps,
- Driving habits aggressive or daily driver?
- Do you carry gear in the trunk?

These are variables that can affect ride height, which ultimately will affect spacer sizing. In your case best thing to do is to measure.
Virtually never people in the back, gradual incline driveway and nice ramped curbs, daily driver, moderate weight camera gear in the trunk on rare occasions...

I did the measuring thing for about a half hour, with straight edges, squares, millimeter rulers, and a full tank of gas, 180 lb. person in the driver's seat, etc. It is kinda voodoo magic though, because you don't really know what part of the tire is gonna hit where if the suspension moves (on an arc? etc.)
That's why I was hoping that somebody here has already experimented with a spacer set up that works with the ZCP wheels on a non ZCP car and 255/35, 285/30 tires...

Anyways, I got measurements from the worst case spot on the tire, the rim protection bead to which the straight edge was touching, but it seems unlikely that bead area would never normally compress all the way up to the fender lip? I measured about 12mm in front and about 7mm in the rear. If I could un-naturally compress the suspension and see the geometry at work it would make things much easier (obviously), but I am fairly certain I am not going to have any problems on the stock springs with a 12mm spacer in the front and 10mm in the rear. PM me please.