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Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
Yes they should have told you it might take 3-5 weeks
But they also could have told you, your warranty has expired, and you're on your own
So they are trying to fix the problem

Whether they knew of a manufacturing defect or not, or your friend was abusing the wheels, we'll never know.
But something broke, out of warranty, and they offered to replace it, at no cost to you
It's taking longer than you want
But I can't see how they can remedy this any faster, if their supplier is not providing them with the parts

No matter how much stink you cause here
If they ain't got the part, they're not shipping it to you
TRUE! but I never asked for free replacement parts

I just ask how they wanted to handle it.

ok if they didn't want to pay for the replacement parts just tell me ! I'm down.

if they say they want to replace then replace in the time frame they promised.

or ADV say they will replace and say 3 weeks then it really happens in 6 months is that also OK? because its over warranty right?

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