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Originally Posted by Foodle View Post
Do you have any idea the amount of time and effort a company like Dell expends in qualifying parts that go into their systems? ... But I guess you wouldn't know anything about being a reputable dealer
I actually work in IT
And I can tell you you're giving dell way too much credit
BMW did the same thing with the Siemens HPFP
Or do you think BMW did not check the quality of their parts suppliers
In which case why are you driving one?

I'm sure BMW gave the specs to Siemens
And did initial quality control
And the parts passed inspection
But I'm sure somewhere along the the line
Either Siemens dropped the ball, or as in this case, one of their suppliers did
And the parts where not up to spec
Things like this happen in all industry, but if the manufacturer offers to fix it
That's good enough in my book