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I think everyone who thinks "ADV.1 blamed potholes" miss interpreted what Matt was saying -- granted he didn't communicate it very well and timing was off.

I'm pretty sure what he was trying to say is that without proper analysis of the failure, it could have been anything from potholes to off-roading to defects.

Like most manufacturers these days, parts are sourced from all over the world. Take a peak inside your iPad and you'll see parts from China and the US. Then look at your BMW/Mercedes and you might notice not everything is from Germany.

Point being, it's hard for your products to be 100% all the time, just look at the many failures of popular products out there today. Sometimes you have no control over the raw materials and supplies you receive and you just have to trust that the manufacturers of those parts are doing their job.

So far, out of the hundreds of wheels ADV.1 has made, I've only heard of this failure. Yes it sucked and yes it was dangerous, but I'm 100% positive ADV.1 is standing by their product and resolving this issue ASAP.


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I agree with that, but the fist thing ADV.1 did was to blame it on possible potholes and abusive driving. After some back and forth we finally found out there was a problem with manufacturing...