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A couple of things I still have to state!

- yes ADV say it has been replaced! but in a matter of failure of the wheel being SUCH a huge defect I don't think a delay can be tolerated

- warranty on wheels are important! but not cracked parts and actual pieces of the wheel flying off is NORMAL by any standards.

- again I have to State the only reason why I have put up with this is because of the good relationship and service from Pyspeed (ADV you should thank them)

- I think every on the forum has bought an aftermarket wheel in the past! please don't start by potholes, road conditions, how this wheel was being used. this is not what we want to hear.

- I personally don't know anymore who would spend over 10K on wheels would feel safe in their Ferrari, Lambo, Buagatti, especially traveling at those speeds.

again I'm a very reasonable person why ADV guys its too much this time!

personally when some like this happens I don't care if Jordan has to drive 300 miles himself to pick up the parts! it has to be done.

BTW: this news WILL hit the China BMW forums today just because I still yet haven't seen a tracking no. on the replacement parts (are you guys serious) I wonder how people in China in their highend cars would feel?! maybe the potholes in China and better or friendlier then the ones in Taiwan?

ADV: handle this NOW!

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