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Originally Posted by jesselou View Post
the thing is that i tried alienating her b4 during late sophomore and beginning junior year and then she becomes the one that calls and texts. so she doesn't mind being the one that initiates and will most likely keep it up even if its completely one way....
its hard to drop it completely without saying it straight up to her face. and i know most of u guys have said to just drop her immediately and move on, but its just so heartless to do that to another person when u've known that person for a long time and u know her family and all...
I'm not trying to be a dick but you didn't try hard enough. If she was the one to call and text you, I'm sure if she asked to hang out or something, you said yes.
Originally Posted by Comet View Post
want chicks? become heartless man...
otherwise you'll be forever friendzoned

man up dude.. the best way is cold turkey.. delete all ties and refuse to see her... you owe her NOTHING and all she does is USE you. If that's what you want, then anything we say won't sway you otherwise.

why do you feel bad for her? I bet she doesn't feel bad about you.. She just misses the fact that you do everything for her without her having to do anything for you...
He's right. If she wants to do something or hang out, just tell her no. Or tell her you're hanging out with the guys tonight. Or find another girl and take her to the movies. Or whatever.

The girl I used to have a thing for loved sushi, and I do too. Every Thursday I would go with a bunch of my friends and she would go with a bunch of her friends. We sat at different tables though. It's like the place to be on Thursdays here. Anyways, we started going together and sitting at a table for just the two of us. That went on for the longest time. Then I realized what you are realizing now. That next Thursday I didn't make plans with her for dinner, so naturally, she went with her friends. I showed up with different girl that night and we sat at our own table. I will never forget the look on her face when she saw me walk in the door with another girl. I did the same thing again the next week only with yet another girl.

You kinda need to do that because when girls get like that, they think the world revolves around them.