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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
Never mind the M3, will they abandon all "stock" car racing? I really don't think they will. So then, we can assume some strategy is in place or will be put in place to homolongate future BMWs to race. Just because BMW is going to an all turbocharged engine line-up does not mean the days of sport car racing are over for them. If it were the case, then the racing world is in serious trouble since plenty of other manufactures are moving toward turbocharged engines as well.

They already use the older S62 in the GT class cars. In fact, the S65 isn't even legal in that class. The lower "stock" class where the S65-powered Turner cars do compete (GS, I think?) may not allow forced induction, but the ruling body had better consider it soon IMHO. Same for the street classes.
In terms of factory BMW race team. Yes I believe they are done with endurance racing for now. They will concentrate on DTM racing. In which the car has zero to do with a road going car.

Yes I still wonder about teams like Turner, Fall-Line that run in Continental Tire Series. The Continental Tire Series does allow FI. APR and Subaru run the S4 and WRX Sti in the GS class. But they do not do well against the big NA V8's. I worry about what private teams are going to have to deal with to compete with the big displacement cars like the mustang.

The Rolex Series is a different animal. The GT class cars are tube frame chassis, with one off carbon fiber bodys. Turner's tube-frame chassis M3 does run the S62. The car is far from actual M3, rather it isn't even a M3 at all.