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Originally Posted by Tobizach View Post
Dont make the assumption that "ALL" of us sitting on the otherside of the fence are just blind BMW Lemmings Alot of us are car enthusiasts as well who just want to see and judge the darn thing for ourselfs and not thru HEARSAY which btw is the only card those haters have at this point. For most of the "Haters" they take for gospel all the negatives from these few very early pre-reviews (not full on roadtests mind you) while leaving out any positives. And then repeat them over and over all over the place, so who are the real "lemmings" here that blindly ate something?

Everyone knows from every past release of a new car (IE GT3)no matter the make "MOST" (im not saying all) haters are just sad little people who never had any intention of ever buying the car for whatever reason, couldnt afford one, jealousy, rival car or no reason at all etc.. etc... They just enjoy spreading negativity.

Now there are some enthusiasts on both sides that have concerns I dont doubt that.

Disregarding everything though. The car hasnt been released yet.. NUFF SAID.
Haters and lovers are in effect the same.