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Originally Posted by Hans Delbruck View Post
The GT3's interior isn't gutted, unless you call deletion of the back seats gutting. I haven't driven a 997 S so I can't compare it to the GT3, but I have driven a base 997 Carrera. Compared to the 997 GT3, it feels completely different. My first thoughts on driving the base Carrera was "feels like a cruiser" and "why would anyone pay $75K for this?" There just was nothing about it that felt really sporting or special. I have to say I was disappointed. I preferred the feel of the Cayman S to the base Carrera by far, even though it didn't have quite the torque of the 997 C. The GT3 in comparison, feels incredibly planted at speed, solid everywhere, and has the best steering feel of any car I've ever driven. The engine shakes and snarls... it is the complete package... a useable supercar that can also be civilized, even "luxurious." At a base of $106K, I think it's incredible bang for the buck! Not sure how easy they are to get now though... I heard there would be very few cars for 2008.
Agree. GT3's are hard to get and about impossible for $110K or less.