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Originally Posted by Malekreza11 View Post
The car will hit and ride on the bumpstops pretty often.

It is a common misconception that hitting the bumpstop is bad. The stop is designed to be a part of the suspension as the inherent design of this cars suspension doesn't yeild a lot of shock travel to begin with.

Nothing will happen if you hit the bump stop.

Chances are, a mistake could have been made during installation, and the shock shaft was not held in place while the shock retaining nut was loosened. If the shaft is excessively spun (due to not holding in place), it can prematurely wear out the seals and cause a leaky shock.

If it did hit the bump stops with the stock set up, I couldn't feel it/hear it. Now, with the sleeve kit, it makes a pretty hard thud in "Comfort" mode as the car comes down leaving a bridge transition that drops away. Definitely not pleasant, regardless of whether it hurts anything or not.

As I mentioned this only happens to me in "Comfort" mode so I keep the suspension in "Sport Plus" (I did this before also) so it isn't a big deal other than I now have essentially lost my EDC functionality which was the main reason I bought this kit. If I would have known ahead of time that I would slam the bump stops on anything other than "Sport Plus" I would have just ditched the EDC and went with full coilovers.