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Originally Posted by talontid View Post
sorry, but what a fucking clown.. There is no accountablility anymore. You sold these wheels (originally), don't place blame on someone else. You should accept the fact and replace em that's it; no need for a shitty response spreading the blame elsewhere. You guys really should hire someone; then write everything you say down; have that person reveiw it prior to speaking in public, cause you guys sound like a bunch of toolbags..
We are replacing them and have take responsibility for the issue by honoring the warranty outside of the warranty period.

The statements made about the specific part failure was because everyone seems to be equating an ADV.1 wheel failure as something that occurred due to an ADV.1 specific procedure or build process when the truth is this potential part supply issue affected ANY manufacture using a 21" or 22" step lip as there is only 1 supplier for such parts in the US.

It's like blaming Dell for using a Segate hard drive that failed in their computers, that hard drive batch could've been used in HP's, Samsungs, etc. and doesn't necessarily equate to a certain manufacture being crap or making a bad product.

Regardless - the issue has been addressed and taken care of with this customer (and was being handled before this thread ever came into being) AND all customers affected by the part issue. We stand behind our product - end of story. When there is an issue you're going to get it fixed.