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This issue (1797W) is one of 3 isolated cases, all of which have been addressed and are either taken care of already or are in the process of being resolved including this one. The issue is not something that has anything to do with engineering / machining but only an internal issue caused by a small batch of 22" standard step lip parts which are manufactured by Triangle in California. Triangle is the only supplier of 22" step lip parts in the US so any wheels using a 21 or 22" step lip inner or outer most likely came from this manufacturer. We work closely with them as a vendor and have done years of trouble free business together thus far. The issue is not a recurring problem in any way, it has been identified and resolved. Out of literally thousands of parts used on our wheels which were provided by Triangle, this set and only 2 others have had the issue - totaling only 12 parts. We've narrowed down the possible orders that may have been affected by this issue to only these 3 sets and each has been taken care of as explained.

We have been in contact with this customer / dealer directly on this and he has been advised of the lead time and delays as they have become apparent. unfortunately right now these parts only come from 1 supplier so we're at their mercy in regards to delivery dates and the accuracy of their eta's at the moment.