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Originally Posted by spoonf20c View Post
interesting. how evident is the leak? will you actually see fluid on your garage floor or will you only see it upon close inspection? do any edc malfunction lights come on as a result?

how do you like your sleeves btw? do you have them set all the way down? how do they compare in ride height say to rd sports?
Usually, you only see the fluid on the shock body, not the garage floor.

I have the sleeves also so this has me a bit worried. Mine are all of the way down in the front and almost all of the way down in the rear. I like the ride and I don't have any noises or anything but I probably should have just bought KW V3s or clubsports. I got these because I wanted to retain my EDC but it's pretty much useless now (at this height at least) since it will hit the bump stops on the freeway in Comfort if I go over an uneven bridge transition.

The KW kit will go lower than RD Sport springs from what I have heard.