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Originally Posted by sdiver68 View Post
1) Thanks.
2) You are completely uninformed to post this point.
3) Ever heard of Coilovers, Forged wheels, and Quaife LSD's?
4) I'd rather the price roll up to get what is needed than to dumb down to hit a price point on a halo car.
I'm clever as well, of course I have heard of all the wonderful AFTERMARKET parts and companies you have listed. However, I am not uniformed. We just have a different opinion. Have you heard of M differential (OEM by BMW), EDC (also OEM by BMW) and FORGED 19" wheels (again by BMW). My point is not that BMW is always better than aftermarket, just that the M3 is a system, designed to work as such. I would never claim you can't modify a 335i to outperform an M3 is some areas but I'd bet pink slips you can't do it is MOST areas for LESS than the M3 will cost. Sure you'll be able to get close. But then there is always the warranty, loss of resale, reliability and compromises in many other areas that come along with modding. I'd rather start with a solid foundation than mod extensively (been there, done that). Either platform luckily offers and excellent starting point for modifications. Have fun with your 335i "project" and let us know how it goes.