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Eugene the reason for the delay was the part was backordered from the supplier. There was nothing we could do (or any other company for that matter) to get the part any sooner. Here is the official update on your order as it's progressed:

2/8: Supplier confirmed 22x2.5 4 weeks b/o and all other parts in stock
3/15: Received (2) 22x2.5 outers from Supplier and sent outers to finish

For the normal crew stating we suck, our product isn't forged, etc... The step lip cracked, and the step lip is from the same supplier that everyone else in the industry uses. So lets stop the quality hating right there because it's not an ADV.1 specific part failure. It could've (and does) happen to every wheel company when you produce any product in volume.

Beyond that this set was originally purchased in 2010. And this is not directed at Eugene or anyone specifically and simply part of being in the wheel industry for any wheel company - we don't know what our end users do, what roads they drive on, or how careful they are. The truth is there are some awful big potholes in the world. We've had customers ruin entire sets of wheels because they got drunk and went off roading in their 7-series... we can't protect against reckless drivers, and these wheels aren't brand new - but have been used for over a year.

Regardless - we've already taken steps to replace this wheel outside of it's warranty period to stand behind the product but a backordered part is a backordered part and that was the cause for the delay in getting a new lip out to him to fix the issue.