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Black or Palladium Interior?

I'm this close to pulling the trigger on an e92 M3 Coupe in Lemans, but I can't decide on an interior color. Obviously Black is the safe choice, but I've had all black interiors on every car I've ever owned, and tbh I'm a bit tired of it...but it still does look good, and wears extremely well.

The other option is Palladium, which I've yet to see in person, and is pretty difficult to find many pictures of. Can anyone with a Palladium interior chime in here and provide some interior pics...preferably with the door open showing the blue in the same frame? From the few pics I've seen, I think I prefer the regular Palladium leather instead of the extended, as I don't think I like the way it looks beneath the dash (console looks good though).

For those of you with the combo, any regrets? I'm going to go for a more sporty rather than luxury look for the car (carbon spoiler, carbon lip, gunmetal wheels), so I'm also not sure how well Palladium will fit in with that too.