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Isn't the GT3 a lot more purposeful? Its interior is gutted and it is a lot more track oriented than the standard 911. The step between the 335i and M3 isn't as dramatic as the step between GT3 and 911S. The M3 CSL is the equivalent of the GT3. So it's similar to Porsche creating a new 991 between the 911S and the GT3.

I am not disagreeing the m3 isn't a great car. It's probably my next car or the 335i, but I will spend a lot more time modding the 335i.
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Yeah my analogy is not the greatest. But that being said the differences between the 335i and M3 are not small. The differences between the M3 and 335i show the biggest differences between the M and reg 3series to date. The new M has a totally different suspension utilizing hollowed out and forged aluminum parts, forged aluminum driveshaft, a totally different engine, tranny, no shared body panels, different driver/pass seats, a lower center of gravity, a rear diff, and probably a ton of crap I am not thinking of. In some ways the new M3 is a lot like the GT3 of the 3series in that IT IS more purposeful and doesnt share much with the rest of the line. Every change is to add performance, not take it way. Many of the new parts either increase performance (high revving V8) or remove weight (CF roof, a host of forged aluminum parts). Its hard to understand why people dont just assume the M3 is going to post great performance numbers and be just as superior to the 3 series as all other M3's? I guess we will all just have to wait for the performance numbers and comparo's to come.

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