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Cool Greater Toronto Area BMW M with 50+ M Car Turnout (March 17)

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What a fantastic day despite the weather forecast being wrong once again!

It was so awesome and unbelievable to see so many ///M-thusiasts mingling in one place at the same time!

I counted a total of 53 cars at one point !!!!

Thanks to everyone who came out! It was really nice getting to meet the person behind their username. Unfortunately, I didn't get to chat with everyone so if you have questions about the OEM Bypass exhaust mod, please feel free to PM me.

To the folks who made videos. If you could please post them after getting consent from owners (if plates visible) that would be fantastic. I'm cool with posting videos that show my plates.

Here are some of the pics that were taken with my cam!

1) Towards the beginning as folks were rolling in.

2) Early on close up of a few members' cars.

3) More folks arriving .

4) Taken during peak attendance of the Meet N' Greet.

5) The beginning of lining up cars according to color.

6) The end product !!!!!

7) More M3s in line .....

8) Beauties getting their pictures taken ....

9) The entire line up from start to finish ....

10) From behind .....

11) And more ... from behind ....

12) Can't wait till the next time ....

Pics by TTSam:

Pics by Daft:

Pics by Alter Peter:

Compilation by Andy1991:

Video by Malapropism:

Pics by MK599: