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Originally Posted by JEllis View Post
The 335i is a great car and probably one of the best 3 series to date. However, none of us have seen any solid performance numbers for the new M3 so we have no way to judge how much better the M3 is over the 335i. My guess, the M3 will run circles around the 335i but we will have to wait and see.

What your saying is along the lines of what has been said about the Porsche GT3 and 997S. The 997S is so good now, is there really a need for the GT3? My answer, hell yes...

Isn't the GT3 a lot more purposeful? Its interior is gutted and it is a lot more track oriented than the standard 911. The step between the 335i and M3 isn't as dramatic as the step between GT3 and 911S. The M3 CSL is the equivalent of the GT3. So it's similar to Porsche creating a new 991 between the 911S and the GT3.

I am not disagreeing the m3 isn't a great car. It's probably my next car or the 335i, but I will spend a lot more time modding the 335i.