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Originally Posted by igirl View Post
If someone has the courage to translate...
via google translate:

Saturday, March 17, Dijon-Prenois circuit.
The M3 CRT almost 3,500 km on the clock. And is about to take his wheels for the first time on track. The car is as excited as his driver.

The morning is cool, it's almost beautiful. Time to put the tow hook (which can be put on the front or rear of the M3) and hop towards the entrance of the track. Track that I knew a little for having performed two times in the past (in Gallardo LP560-4 and E90 M3), with great enthusiasm. Indeed, the plot of Dijon-Prenois is both a fast and technical track, with banked turns (they call it the "mini spa"). What perfect his driving and spend some quality time!

Early rounds of heats, with the "Power" button and the ESP activated in normal mode. The car sounds a hell, the accelerations are frank, sometimes hampered by the intervention of the ESP (yes, I know, I am warm-up laps ...), no problem with the brakes (although I does not really tap into it). 3 turns, then 1 turn to let the brakes cool. And hop, check tire pressures. As with all tires, including Michelin (remember, these are Michelin Super Sport that I put on the M3 CRT, tires that I highly recommend), the car is very sensitive to tire pressure. With increased pressure, self accelerating and braking especially less well ... I put everything "squared", 2.5 bar at the 4 corners of the car.

I press the famous "M" button, configured for maximum engine power and reduce the intervention of the ESP maximum. Here we go again! What a car! Acceleration is crisp, the accelerator pedal is a treat to be determined, the sound puts you in heaven, the bucket seat envelops you completely, the weight is hardly felt, steering and chassis are on top! What happiness! And the best is yet to come ...

During the first few laps, all the marshals waved a blue flag telling me that a car (supposedly) faster was behind me, and had to pass up. The cars in question? 911 GTS, 996 GT3 RS, 430 ... Well, they remained behind!
The M3 CRT swallows the path with happiness. The car is alive, but we feel the limits with progression. Straight, I thought beyond me ... But not at all! The CRT M3 accelerates with strength, allows himself to go beyond a GT3 RS at the inlet and can not be done in the end when braking! Fool! An M3 brakes!
I'm not saying that the M3 was more powerful and fast, I'm just saying it is on a par with other cars 'equivalent' (the 911 Turbo and GT2 RS remain untouchable).
Amazing nonetheless. I was the only in BMW, the only one in four doors ... And my "taxi" arrived in the excited (literally and figuratively ... having tried some unorthodox methods to get ahead of me ...).

I make series of 3, 4 turns with 1 or 2 turns for cooling. No problem with the brakes. You feel self move from the back during very heavy braking but nothing really dangerous.
Best lap time lap: 1'40 "3.

Then comes lunch.
With a surprise: rain! ...
There, we said we will have to review his claims down ...

Resumption of festivities. The rain stopped. A few warm up laps, it's slippery. Checking pressure: we must hold back a bit because the rain and cold have always had an impact on the heating of the rubber.
And go for a few rounds "quiet", by removing the "M" mode, leaving only mode "Power".
Nice surprise over time: the sun came back, slowly drying the track! I put the "M" mode and make me happy! The "competition" with other cars again. With the same result, to my greatest surprise and happiness!

I lend the car to one of my comrades. That emerges with only positive comments, before: "Actually, this is a sport with four doors." Then after I drive it, "it's a V8? It shows! Air? Unbelievable what a thrill! We did not even double in a straight line by the GT3 RS!".
I still have one hour before closing the circuit. I take this opportunity to try new paths shown by the monitor. I can not improve my time this morning but what fun! I end by 6, 7 rounds in a row and then the brakes are telling me not to abuse ...

Excited and happy that day, I'm leaving. Thinking back to the original pressure. I also note that I must furnish a liter of oil! Gloups ... I knew the car ultra-intensive fuel, but I did not expect to recover as much oil as well (I was even surprised by Paris-Geneva).
I also note that the "Power" has a real impact on the delivered power: staying at a constant speed, it suddenly feels the gas pedal more sensitive, the car ready to pounce! I did not have much difference with my previous E90 M3.

Conclusion: this day has made me forget the main "fault" of the M3 CRT, that is to say the stiffness of shock absorbers for city use. Since then it has qualities that! And on track, it delivers you enormous feelings! It's self is a revelation: BMW Motorsport has succeeded, making the E90 M3 a final interpretation of their expertise. Congratulations gentlemen.
Next exit? Monday, March 26, Magny-Cours (weather permitting).

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