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Originally Posted by Rekrul View Post
Those cabriolets are porkers! I love the GTR.. I think its an amazing machine and for the money, nothing touches it. The backseats are totally worthless, shocking as the car is fucking big. I also find it strange looking. Basically I want a car that is as subtly sexy as the e92m3 and as fast as the GTR for less than 100k. lol. I think the 370z with factory bodykit looks slick, I wish they'd slap a turbo on that thing and it'd be a slick car.
I totally agree with you on those points. Though I do think the GTR looks unique and good. And you are right the GTR is a HUGE car. Back seats are worth less but the trunk in that car is awesome. Two sets of golf clubs go in there with no problem. I also like the 370z but just slapping a turbo on it wont help that car. I have seen several people do that only to sell it and buy a GTR. Like I said earlier the combo of AWD-Dual Clutch Trans-Electronics-V6 TT and how it works together is what makes the GTR killer. I just wish the interior would mirror its now 100k price.
BTW back in 2009 when they arrived here in the states at the intro price of 70k plus freight and options it was the performance deal of the year which is why I bought back then. But now just 4-5 model years later it has jumped almost 30k in price to near 100k. I think that is the highest manufacturer price bump I have ever seen.
Another GTR tidbit: did you know the GTR has 6 drive shafts?