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heres my take

i think the 335i is to blame and here is my reasoning.. never before has bmw had such a great perfomer like the 335i. i ask you this if the 335i wasnt available would the m3 be taking as much gripe? think about this for a second. its a great car just faster then the 335i and probably the best bet for 60k. with the 335i right under the price range of the m3 one has to ask is the little upgrade in performance and looks reasoning to spend the extra 10k? i think the magazines were expecting something far more performance oriented over the 335i but lets get real if the m3 was any quicker it would be priced well out of our price range.

bmw is doing what it can to stay competitive with the is350 and g37 by making the 335i. but by doing that they are bringing the market really close to the m3 sales and that means they either need to price the m3 out of the price range inteded to make it WAY FASTER or make it slightly faster and offer things to keep it where they want it?

so my take is this without the 335i the m3 is the undesputed king but with the 335i bmw now has a slight problem with pricing and marketing the m3 so thats were we are now.

what are you thoughts