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Originally Posted by M3_WC View Post
If they were to build a F82 GTS or CRT, what V8 would they use? As Scott26 said the S65 is being put out to pasture.

The car will need to have 100 production units built and the engine will need 1,000 production units built, just to qualify to race.

Rules have changed ever since BMW tried the E46 GTR with the V8.
Not to question Scott but he is not always on point with racing specifics. All they would need to do is build 100 units with the S65 in it- not hard to do at all with no added cost. I think we can say the S65 is still state of the art for NA.

It will be interesting but they can do it if they wanted to. I can't honestly say they will race again but there is still some chance under the current rules.

Gran Am is still using the old E39 M5 V8 and that is still competitive.