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Want to nail my girlfriends best friend

My girlfriend and I have been together for about six years. This girl has been her best friend longer than I have been around. Her best friend has caused some fights between my gf and I and it has been known I didnt have the greatest feelings for her. I never really hang around with my gf and her best friend either because the best friend knows my grudge toward her.

Long story short we've all been hanging out more and more (the past is the past) and shes always been hot as hell but now that shes hanging around it starting to bug the shit out of me. The other night we were all boozed up and hell maybe it was me but I felt like we were going back and forth messing around with eachother.

Anyone ever pull any crazy shit like this off???? I feel like if my gf wasnt around one night it would be one of those things if we were drunk it would happen and then never ever be spoken about again.