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Originally Posted by Rekrul View Post
So.. was randomly out yesterday, beautiful day as I rolled past the MB dealership I saw quite a few c63s sitting outside so I decided to see what all the fuss is about. Honestly, was a bit underwhelmed but maybe that is because the car is talked about so much on here.

I love the exhaust note, it sounds great however I still like my exhaust note with the Akra/Dinan Mid pipe more, then again that isn't a fair comparison. So stock for stock, I'd give the c63 the nod. I will say the interior is nice, more modern and the seats although a bit weird I liked.

Looks wise, e92 m3 all day for me but that is largely a subjective thing. Performance wise, the M3 is definitely the better handler and the chassis is just so much tighter. I also prefer the M3's steering feel. I didn't mind the C63s single clutch set up, but the DCT is superior.

As for what everyone raves about.. the brutish engine. Yeah I like the torque, its nice but the car didn't feel faster than my M3(all I have is full exhaust). I do realize it responds great to mods, but once again if you wanted a brutish sports car.. I'd have gotten a z06.

I dunno, overall it is a great car. But the M3 is just much more exhilarating and better put together. You really feel like you're driving a sports car with the M3, it is a fine symphony, the c63 just feels like MB dropped a big ass engine in it and were like off you go. I will say, that the C63 would definitely be the more comfortable DD. But then again, I didn't buy a M3 because I wanted a comfortable DD.

C63 has the double clutch.