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Originally Posted by CPB View Post
Sincerely don't want to be a wise ass here, but this tells me you've never been in a race car.

Having come from a GTR to the M3, my overwhelming impression is a genuine amazement at just how comfortable the M3 is. It provides near Cadillac levels of comfort.

As well, having fun with a GT3 on the what a "race car modified for luxury" really is.

I would never classify the M3 as a race car, or even something close to it.

I've had the M3 for 1000 miles now and really like it...but it's not a race car.
Ok. My race car driver friend.. I think we can both agree that the M3 is much more of a 'race car' than the C63. That was his point, and I'd agree with it. I'm not stating that the M3 is as raw of a car as the GTR or a GT3. But in comparison to the c63, it feels like more of a sports car.