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Originally Posted by crabman View Post
Yeah, I like the way it feels as it goes about its business. I come from a car with more grip (Z06) but less feel. For me its not about the ultimate numbers, its about how I enjoy the drive day in and day out.

I test drove most of the cars mentioned here but I am surprised to see what I thought was possibly one of the M3s closest competitors not mentioned at all. That would be the CTS-V, a car I really liked on my test drive. I was not able to find a manual on the ground but if I had and I liked it I would have purchased that car over the M3 easily. I could only sample the auto though which I felt was a pretty poor trans for the car (or trans period for that matter) and not a setup I would purchase.
I personally think the cts- v is hideous. But thats just me.