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Originally Posted by M3_WC View Post
they won't go racing with the next generation M3. It just isn't in their plans.

I wonder what small sports car teams like Fall-Line, Turner, etc. are going to do with the next generation M3. It will be interesting. Especially when the competition will still be running big displacement V8's.
We are still 2 years out for the M3 coupe F82 so in that time a lot can change, and I wouldn't say its not in the plans just that rules need to be shifted; when I talked with Motorsport not that long ago Dr. M had said endurance is where they want to be but there are some rules that need to be adapted to account for stricter emissions in production cars. That is not to say that they couldn't build the GTS/CRT cars with V8s as homologation specials to run a V8 in the races.

The Z4 GT3 they want to race in the US, just doesn't meet homologation at this time. They are also looking at building a sub-100K racing product to be more in line with GTC- this would be more or less M2 based.

Racing as I have learned is a lot of politics, and the Motorsport boss needs to deal with all the race series while still being within the budget and the Efficient Dynamics vision of BMW. It is not easy. When Peugeot pulled out of endurance racing for "financial" reasons it showed that even top teams must be sacrificed to better the brand as a whole.

We shall see...