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Originally Posted by CPB View Post
I'm curious why everyone says the "handling" on the M3 is better? On the track, yes, I'd agree. But on the road, commuting back and forth, does "handling" really come into play that often?

Since I drive both the C63 sedan and an M3 coupe, I just think the handling comment is a bit overused.

For those who have not driven a C63, it does handle quite well. Chuck it into an off ramp and you'll be surprised at the grip/composure.

Both fun cars, but not as different as the masses would have you think.

I don't know. Perhaps I had a lemon c63AMG? I will say the c63 handled better than I expected. But it really isn't close to the M3. The M3 feels like a sports car, the AMG does not. Maybe its the tires on the c63? I really just think its the chassis I think the e9x m3 chassis owns the c63s. I like to take turns fairly aggressively.. so yes day to day it would make a difference for me.