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Originally Posted by UltimateBMW View Post
Sorry, but I don't understand this point of view and respectfully disagree. I'm not sure what post race interviews you watched, but the first thing out of Hamilton's mouth every time I saw him speak to someone was, "Congrats to Jensen, and Congrats to the team for their hard work." Every single time.

Are you really suggesting that he should be all chipper about having pole and not bringing it home? I think he did just fine considering the result and where it started from.
no he said it, he said congrats to jensen and congrats to the team....
but did you look at his face everytime he said it? reporters even made note of it during post interviews! at the weigh station, in the interview room, im not a hamilton basher <yes ok im a vettel fan boi> but i think im right when im saying hamilton was a pissed off mofo for not winning last night and it showed. does he have every reason to be pissed off? sure. mclaren didnt help him out with the double pit stop but cheer up you got a podium finish and mclaren 1-3 scored 40 points!