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The first HPDS I went to I felt bad because everyone was driving faster and felt like I was in the way and mentioned it to my instructor. He told me no one should ever drive out of their comfort zone and that anyone who didn't take the time to develop their skills and learn their car was asking for it. Solid advise although I suspect he was also trying to calm me down a little. Since then I had been doing a couple events per year and if I said I was a good driver because of it I would be lying. I don't have the temperament for it and my skills are simply average. I am however a much better driver than I was before I started doing it and I have an absolute blast. I would go more often if my schedule allowed it.

That woud all be in my vettes as my M3 has this past week arrived at the dealership but I have not quite caught my quota yet so I wont catch up to it for another week or so. I think the same thoughts would apply with the M3 though and that leads me to organized road trips/caravans. I made quite a number in my vettes and I never once saw the kind of behavior you describe. Its not that there were not a burnout here or there, some passes made with a little extra speed and so on. That happened all the time. But 120 to 140? Nah, nothing at all like that. I would just about have wanted to call the law myself. I think everyone has the right to do something stupid and kill themselves but you got other people out there that probably don't want to die on any given day. IMO there wasn't anything right about what happened on that run. At any rate I can say that your experience doesn't seem like the norm to me. Not even close.
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