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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
1. Yes you are smart
2. You can't build a 335i into an M beater that will beat it in a majority of counts for less than the M3 will cost.
3. Sure you can take its amazing track times and improve them tons with software alone, that still won't make it feel much less marshmellow.
4. You can't build an M3 with the specs you outlined, "well equipped" for $60k that would actually sell in volume. It just can't be done. May be harsh but wake up and smell the engineering and the comprimise.
1) Thanks.
2) You are completely uninformed to post this point.
3) Ever heard of Coilovers, Forged wheels, and Quaife LSD's?
4) I'd rather the price roll up to get what is needed than to dumb down to hit a price point on a halo car.