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Originally Posted by username11 View Post
C63 is talked about a lot on here because it's basically the only comparable car to the M3 in its price range. Unfortunately for the C63 it is generally inferior to the M3 in every way except for having a prodigious amount of low end torque. It's fuckin' ugly, apes the not so pretty Honda Accord coupe design, handles like a pig with some lipstick on, steers like a boat, and has tacky styling especially on the interior.

I think you'd be nuts to get a C63 unless you'd already owned a M3 for several years and were tired of it and wanted to stay in the 50-60K car range.

There is some guy on here that bought a C63 and keeps posting here about the car for whatever reason. He provides a counterpoint because for some reason he likes it, I guess because he bought it. The best anyone can seem to do is to say that "it's a better daily driver," but who gives a fuck, so is a Lincoln Towncar.

Fact is the M3 is quite the bargain in its class and you need to spend another 20-30K+ to get something better.
I agree. I priced one out... 70k+ with the performance package. I'd rather just get a used GTR if the only the only thing the c63 has on the M3 is straight line power. The M3 really is just such a great car all around, its insane how BMW does it. It's an engineering marvel, yet is full of soul.

Oh, I also checked out the new 911. I have to say... much better looking than its predecessors. I've always found Porsches fugly, but the new 911 is more handsome than its ancestors.