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When your on top

When your on top everyone around you wants to bring you down.
None of the reviews were negative, they weren't even real reviews. They are first impressions.
In fact TOP GEAR, ( who generally hates BMW's) raved about the NEW M3.
The only two "negative" things that came from any of theses first impressions were the steering and the brakes.
The brakes will be more then adequate for what more then most of us will use them for and that is for use on public roads.
I have never experienced any brake fade or issues in any BMW I have ever owned when driven on a public road.
My first BMW 1977 530i, showing my age !

The steering was explained by SteveD:
"The new M3 is a great car. It hasn't gone soft. What a strange comment to make for a car that is 'more' hardcore than the E46 version it replaces.
The RS4 feels soft compared to the M3, and if anything we were wondering if BMW had lost too much of the E46's refinement."

This comes from someone who drove the NEW M3 and theRS4 on the same day.
This is as close as it gets to a comparison to date. "E46 refinement" those who have actually driven or owned an E46M3 know just how refined it is.....

SteveD goes on to say:
"The engine is both louder and much more serious sounding than the S54 straight six. Handling is very balanced, now if that makes it 'refined' then so be it, but that's not how I would describe it. Do you really want an 'edgy' handling 420hp Coupe? No, I didn't think so."

Anyone know how well balanced a LOTUS Elise is ?

"The steering is fine and would probably be sharper with lower profile tyres, but the front is not soft. I am looking at the videos we took and under severe provocation there is no understeer and the car remains flat and very stable when held sideways. It's a fluid handling entertainer that can be finely adjusted in a corner and will be controllable by a wide range of driver talent - not just the racers amongst us."

Please remember that the M cars ability to go sideways around a turn is a testament to it's handling.
What it testifies to is the cars ability to maintain control when there is no not all cars can wag there tail and keep a line or a controlled line for that matter.

"I am a CSL owner and I find the E92 M3 far, far better than the E46 M3 and more sporting as well (I owned 3 E46 M3s).
BMW do not 'need' to make a CSL, but they will because they can."

Did he say better ?
Better ?
No I think the man said "FAR, FAR BETTER".
I,m not sure read it again ..... : )

SteveD on the handling once again:
"It is true that Michelin designed the PS2's especially for the car, but they did not understeer.

We were comparing the M3 with an RS4 back-to-back and those spanish roads were dangerously slippery being covered with a fine crystalline dust particularly lower down the mountains. But the RS4 (running on PS2s also) struggled more with grip than the M3, whereas when I had driven it down to Marbella over the previous 2000 miles or so it had loads of grip.

It's a shame such comments are gaining ground, because they are very misleading unless you understand the context (i.e. the roads we were driving on)."

Damn right it's a shame. which leads to my next point.
I have been reading the E90 post as well as other forums for many years now.
Some of you are well informed and level headed and I WILL name a FEW:
Just to name a few. There are more of you and I apologize if I left anyone out who truly fits the description.

Then there are some of you whose motives are very questionable.
Always ready to jump ship.
I'm going to get a CBRS9 Turbo instead !

Posting speculative info on how a competitors car is better
The 9XQ14 is going to have 421 HP that's more I think I'll buy that instead !

Posting pics of competitive cars and saying how you like the way they look much better.
This car has Flame Resurfacing so it looks so much better !

Always ready to magnify any detail to shed negative light on the NEW M3.
The NEW M3 brake pedal is to big I'm going to get a CBRS9 Turbo instead !

Sound like gorilla marketing to me.
That's when you search for ACME pencils and ACNE pencils comes up in the results.

You fockers know who you are and I think there is a place for you on this forum.
Official E92 M3 Haters Thread

Let it go the KING lives mark my words thank you for reading.