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Looking to buy a 58/09 e92 M3 - is my budget realistic?


I am currently looking to buy an e92 M3. I have never bought an M car/BMW before so am quite new to everything.

I have narrowed down what I want to a lowish (below 40k) miles coupe, with EDC, and hopefully bluetooth/USB/parking sensors. I understand that in late 08/early 09 the i-drive system was updated to a better HDD based version so hopefully I am looking for a late 08/early 09 plate (although sometimes it seems even the 09 plates have the old idrive?).

Most the BMW AUC examples I have seen so far seem to command a much greater premium and some of the cars I have seen dont seem to be that great. Alot seem to be ex-demo which I wasnt very keen on.

My budget is around 28-30k max and I was hoping to find a well looked after example, hopefully 1 or 2 owners max from a private seller.

Is this budget realistic or should I be looking for an older (57/early 08) m3 ? Not much seems to be cropping up looking on pistonheads/BMW AUC/autotrader, although I am being a bit fussy about colour (black interior only and alpine white/silverstone II exterior!)

Also let me know any other tips you have for a new M3 buyer.