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Originally Posted by jordanE92 View Post
I usually end up down there at one point every weekend as well, just watch out for leo as it gets warmer and flooded with American muscle. Troopers in particular, but suffolk county pd also in marked 4x4s. They hide everywhere and sit in the mouths of the parking lots just waiting to ticket for anything. I got a ticket last year for no inspection when it was 2 days over and it was Sunday.. I was also cruising at 55-60 mph and not acting like an ass at all.
It's the truth..some of the guys in those 4x4s are crazy too..they will legit cut across the entire grass section just to give any type of ticket. Last week my tire pressure came on in the car so I pulled over for two seconds just to check each tire and had a cop on my bumper in no time to see what I was doing.