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Originally Posted by Just_me View Post
I know its bold statement. I'm just preparing for the worst scenario. I dont think the IS-F is going to be a problem but the C63 looks dangerous.

Both members T-bone and Southlight from this board know I'm not a hater, on the contrary I adore BMW but Im not going to be quiet and pretend BMW cannot make mistakes with an icon, a legend. I hope BMW haven't underestimated the competition or taken the wrong path with this M3.
Yes, I'm disappointed with reviews so far, not what I expected. I'm so looking forward for Sportauto Supertest, the results for M3 and C63. We already know what the RS4 is capable of. I want to be proved wrong and I'm crossing my thumbs that will be the case.

I of course have never doubted you or put you in the light of a "hater" but I just think many people have drawn way too early of a conclusion.

Cars are not just the sum of the numbers, otherwise at the track, a 450 hp Stanger would walk away from everything. BMWs and in particular, M's have always struck a great balance between luxury and performance.

I think just looking at the numbers alone can be extremely deceptive. The Audi S4 as an example with 340 hp, people would presume it kills the 335i, it doesn't. The IS-F, great numbers but does anyone seriously think Toyota can build a better sedan than BMW for both the road and track? The new M3's numbers are decent.....good power + weight.... I am supremely confident BMW will not screw up the handling....

Given all that I have read, I absolutely have no idea how people can conclude the new car is soft or slow!
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