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Originally Posted by sleepless View Post
I agree, but...

The problem is that it is not easy to get the proper skills instruction and practice, unless you start out in karts or auto cross. Despite what a lot of clubs think about their ability to provide instruction, they all pretty much ineffective. So, people are on their own to learn in their own way.

Originally Posted by sleepless View Post
As far as goals, I think most people just want to drive thei fast car fast. If that means driving their 1000HP car with all the nannys enabled, then most are happy.

I think most weekend track people realize, without having to be drilled repeatedly and in condescending ways, that turning off traction control and relying on driving sense & experience is the better and preferred way.

So, I find it odd to hear people on this type of forum (i.e. this is not a forum by & for people who are seriously trying to get into competitive racing) stressing the importance of going DSC off as if all participants of this thread are in various stages of preparing for eventual wheel-to-wheel competitive racing. I thought this is a, by & large, M3 enthusiast forum? I mean, am I participating in a discussions thread in and didn't realize it? You hear "race license" and "Senna" being mentioned and gotta wonder am I on the same realm of reality as some of the people in this thread?

I realize that some are very passionate about all this, but come on.

It's the same kind of crap you see on this forum that goes something like "oh you drive an automatic, whereas I manually shift gears, so you suck and I'm a superior driver and a human being." Really? Rowing your own gears is that "rewarding" just as driving w/ traction control off is that much "rewarding"?
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