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Originally Posted by RussianM3_dude View Post
Single caliper... 'Nuff said.

Besides, a few reviews said that the brakes faded very quickly. There are no miracles out there, it's either many pistons or you get slammed in reviews yet again. The fact that despite repeated criticism and the fact that ALL competition has VASTLY better brakes, BMW decided not to change them from the E46 speaks volumes about how BMW intends to position this car.

And all this "lightweight" bs and "lower center of gravity" when the car is heavier then the car it replaces (which uses no weight saving) and all this "born for the racetrack" spiel to impress the soccer moms and chearleaders with rich parents.

Think of motorcycles, every new model of a bike that comes out is lighter then the one preceeding it, while retaining all the amenities AND having more power. Why then bother with the CF roof if the rest of the package is so heavy? The new M3 is all about marketing.
because a bike manufacturer doesn't have to concern itself with luxury, comfort, and amenity, which is why bikes get lighter, and cars get heavier from generation to generation. it came as no surprise to anyone that this M3 would be heavier than the last generations, in fact your complaints on the issue are almost amusing to me. what you've failed to consider is that the car's power gains ( almost 90 hp over the outgoing m3) more than offset it's weight gain, thus its improved acceleration times.

i'd ask you what your complaint really is, but the more of your posts i read, the more it becomes obvious.... you're complaining for the sake of complaining, and quickly losing all credibility as you do it.

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