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Originally Posted by CanAutM3 View Post
I see your point of view. Mine was exactly the same when I started tracking. The fun was all about lap times and being faster than the next guy.

If you stick around long enough though, I do beleive your goal WILL change .

Have fun, and mostly be safe so you do stick around long enough .
Yeah, by my second or third year of tracking, my viewpoint and willingness to go DSC off exclusively very well may change.

Originally Posted by Gearhead999s View Post
The big problem with this discusion is not whether MDM should be on or off is the fact that proper car control skills need to be taught before a student ever gets on the track!If a driver is skilled in proper car control this discusion would never be happening as there would zero aprehension about switching it off.Is it not the goal of trackdays not to improve ones driving skill and then to improve lap times as the skills are polished?Using driver aids just impedes this process and does not help the driver out at all.
Yeah, agree.

On my very first track day (Streets of Willow), I paid extra for an instructor. Long story short, all this guy (who was purportedly a part-time instructor at Skip Barber school) did was to go for a joy ride of sorts in my car, storming around a track that he was obviously familiar with but, just as obviously, I was not. The apprehension I felt as he was flying down the back straightaway ('twas CW configuration that day) and approaching a blind off-camber corner (it dips down and to the right) was not educational at all. I recall just holding on & murmuring "holy sh*t... I ain't learning crap with this guy."

Then, a couple months later, I sign up for "Performance Driving Clinic" at Buttonwillow, at which we were supposed to get some skidpad time. But, when we got to the track, we see a bunch of trailers unloading go-karts at the area where the car control clinic was supposed to be held at. Ok, so no skidpad time today then, whatever. May be instructor-ridealong would be useful, I thought. Well, this dude in his 60's gets in my car to drive it, and I'm riding shotgun. Since it's not his car, he's not driving that fast around the track. And, as I had been on that track once before, between my bit of track-familiarity and this guy moping around the track at 50%, there wasn't a darn thing to learn. He just had a good time playing with the paddle shifter. Every time he pulled the left lever to downshift and heard the engine rev-match, he'd go "ho ho ho, that's wonderful." What the f*ck... Good thing I did a couple of drifting clinic several years ago to at least learn the basics of car control (paid extra to rent the organizers' prep'd S14's and learned how to do donuts, figure 8's, J-turns, etc), as I didn't learn squat from instructors at these later track events.
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