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Originally Posted by twinturbo335 View Post
I currently have a wide angle. I'm looking into a prime lens for the bokeh. Would a 35 or 50mm be better for my situation?
like what a lot of people are saying, the larger the focal length on the prime, a more pleasing bokeh is produced. This in my opinion is due to the fact that anything wider than 85mm (85mm and up being the sweet spot for proportional images) will give you some barrel distortion. even if you slap on a 50mm on a cropped body like a 7D or such, looking through the view finder it will look more zoomed in (in the view finder it will appear as if you have a 85mm on a Full Frame camera), and a lot of people will think that the the 50mm on a cropped body acts like a 85mm. in a sense that's true on how much it is zoomed in, but the image will still carry the characteristics that of a 50mm lens no matter the body. at the edges of the photo, there a slight pull to the image. You can see in a half body shot or a head shot for someones portrait, if you use a 50mm (again, no matter the camera used), the forehead of the person if near the edge of the frame of the image will be slightly pulled and elongated.

So I'm assuming that you're looking at the L versions of each of these lens.

the bokeh will be magnificent no matter the case. I've worked with both and I do like them both. If bokeh is what you're looking for, I think either lens will provide you outstanding images. as for sharpness, the 50mm is known to be a little soft; probably since the images are so shallow when you shoot wide open (rumors have it that there will be a f/1.2 mk2 for the 50mm sometime soon).

I think it just depends on what you're shooting to either go with the 35 (the widest i'll ever go in my opinion), or to get a little more up close and shoot with the 50mm.

Personally on a full frame camera (and sometimes on cropped body), I like shooting with the 50mm because when I experiment with a 50mm, I like to shoot with both eyes open. When the camera is up in front of my face, my eye sight is continuous from what i see in my viewfinder and what i see with my other eye (i'm a right at shooter; when I'm messing around ill be a left eye shooter hehe). I guess this goes more into the philosophy of shooting but when I shoot with both eyes open and the scene is continuous when my camera is up, i feel like the image I get is pure in the sense that this shot i have is really from my perspective. Call it silly, but that's how I like to draw a connection between my images and me. Besides that, this technique (i adapted it from reading a lot about rangefinder shooting) allows me to see what else is going on outside of my viewfinder so I don't miss a moment at a wedding and such. Thats why I personally chose to get at 50mm first. I do have my eyes on a 35mm f/1.4 soon.
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