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Get off your high horse, what I meant by that was I couldn't just trade the car in and drive out. I'd have to have the hassle of selling my car.

Not that it should be any of your concern but I could buy the car outright if needed, but it doesn't make much sense in the tax bracket I am in when the interest is tax deductible.

All the post was asking is what options there are to increase low end torque to make the car more fun on a daily basis. After all, it will be a daily driver otherwise I'd buy something more like a GT3.

Yes I like taking my car to the drag strip, but I also take it to track days (whole purpose of the coilovers, LSD etc), a motor enthusiast wanting performance from a 200k car is something so strange to ask? If all I was interested in was straight line speed I would have already bought a c63.

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