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Originally Posted by Z3->WRX->335 View Post
Not trying to add more fuel to the fire so I will bite my tongue and not give my opinion on a lot of these everyone covered most of the things I noticed.

My old tuner and person who built my Subaru motor brought up a valid point when it comes to gauges. (keep in mind he sold plenty of pillar/dash mounted gauge set-ups to other "enthusiasts") he said "I don't run gauges in my personal car, it clutters up the interior and by the time you notice something is wrong, it's usually too late. If you want to keep an eye on your engine, do periodic data-logging. It's more accurate and safer too."
Yes and no. Some gauges have warnings you can set and also allow logging. The only issue I have with pure logging with no gauges is that it usually involves screwing with a laptop in the passenger seat while trying to drive. But in general I would only recommend a few gauges; anything more can be such a huge distraction.